The back yard at High Trees
The back yard at High Trees

Our idea of heaven is three weeks in Barbados, a beachfront villa, and a suitcase full of books.  We've been to Barbados many times and love it for its friendliness and gorgeous scenery, but what keeps us coming back are the villas we rent.

We rent through Alleyne Aguilar & Altman and have always been satisfied with them.   Most of the villas they handle come with staffs, at least a cook and a maid, and the ones we've rented have a butler, laundress, and gardener as well.  This is our idea of a true vacation: a beautiful villa right on the Caribbean, and you don't have to lift a finger!

If you rent during Low Season (April 15 - December 14), you get a discount, usually about 30%.

High Trees Villa in Barbados For many years,we rented a villa called Baggywrinkle, and it's great (Eric Clapton and Elton John have stayed there), but now we prefer High Trees with its beautiful lawn.
The wonderful staff at High Trees The wonderful staff at High Trees.
The pool at Leamington House When we went in 2001, we needed a villa large enough for three families and rented Leamington Housefor our first week.   It's a beautiful property with its own pool, which helped make up for the fact that it didn't offer beachfront, normally our number one priority.  Caution: Leamington is just a very short walk from the beach, but it's a "working" beach used by the locals to store and repair boats, and not a very good place to sun bathe.  You'll have to walk across a rocky patch and use the beach in front of the hotel farther down.

Caribbean shots taken from High Trees

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