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Getting to Patagonia

  Getting to Patagonia  
Photo of Hanging Sculpture, Punta Arenas Airport
Hanging Sculpture, Punta Arenas Airport

Our tour started in Punta Arenas, Chile, and booking our flights proved surprisingly difficult.  We flew to and from Punta Arenas via Santiago on partners American Airlines and LAN.

We initally tried to book all the flights with American (they do book LAN flights since they're partners), but for some weird reason, they did not have our LAN return flight from Punta Arenas to Santiago in their computer - just for the particular Sunday we were traveling, they could book it for any other day!!  We tried many times over several days to book this flight with them, both online at their website and on the phone with their agents, and finally gave up and booked the whole trip with LAN Chile.

Most people overnight in Santiago each way (it's nine hours from Miami), but, having no desire to visit Santiago, we took a connecting flight through to Punta Arenas and spent two nights there.  We also connected through on our return.  It made for a long trip, about twenty-five hours door-to-door, but makes sense if you don't care to see Santiago.  

Warning:  When we checked in for our LAN return flight from Punta Arenas, both of our ticket agents checked our bags through to Dallas/Ft. Worth (our US connection city), but SWORE that we had to claim them in Santiago and recheck them with American (who operated our Santiago - Dallas/FW flight).   This proved to be WRONG, WRONG, WRONG, and we almost missed our flight running around trying to locate our bags (going back and forth through immigration several times in the process)!!  It turned out American had our bags all along!  This wouldn't be a problem if you were overnighting in Santiago.   I assume that so few people connect through that no one we talked to at either airport knew what was going on.

Photo of Hanging Sculpture, Punta Arenas Airport Photo of Suitcase Tower, Santiago Airport