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  Hong Kong  
Hong Kong
Hong Kong Island From Kowloon

Although Hong Kong is now officially part of China, the government still treats it like a foreign country, it even has its own currency.  It reminded us of a Chinese New York.   Hong Kong Island is just thirty square miles, most of them crowded with modern apartment buildings and skyscrapers.  Some of the old city still remains, particularly around Hollywood Road and Lascar Row (better known as Cat Street).

Hong Kong from Victoria Peak Hong Kong from Victoria Peak.
Aberdeen Village Aberdeen Village Aberdeen Village Aberdeen Harbor is home to thousands of Hong Kong's boat people who live there on a motley collection of junks and sampans.
Repulse Bay Scenic Repulse Bay.
Man Mo Temple Man Mo Temple Man Mo Temple Built in 1847, Man Mo is Hong Kong's oldest temple.  The bell-shaped objects in the second shot are burning incense inside the temple.
Ladder Street The aptly named Ladder Street will lead you to Man Mo Temple and Lascar Row.
Lascar Row also known as Cat Street Lascar Row is lined with antique stores and flea markets.  It's a wonderful place to look around - don't miss it.  Lascar Row is also known as Cat Street.  They say that in older times, if something was stolen from you, you could find it here.  The Cantonese called theives rats, so the dealers who bought from them were known as cats.
A vase in one of Cat Street's antique stores.