Lake Tahoe Ski Resorts
Lake Tahoe from Homewood Ski Resort

This was our third or fourth ski trip to Lake Tahoe.  For those who've never been, it's ringed by mountains and boasts at least fifteen ski resorts.  Check out the map at Lake Tahoe Information for details.

You either stay north in the Truckee area, near the Squaw Valley and Northstar ski resorts, or you stay south, near Heavenly and the Nevada stateline and its casinos.


Tahoe Rental Connection We stayed in South Lake Tahoe and rented a townhouse from Tahoe Rental connection, and we were generally pleased with it and with them.   They have a nice website, and if you click their Search link and enter 7 for Unit Number, you'll be able to see pictures of our unit and even a map.
View of Lake Tahoe from our townhouse One of the things we liked about our townhouse was its view of the lake.   If we'd just been on the front row, it would have been perfect!.
Heavenly What we love about Heavenly Ski Resort is its views of the lake on one side and the Nevada desert on the other.  What we don't like is the cat track you end up on if you're returning to the California Lodge.  And it gets worse - then you have to either brave the steep and usually mogully Gunbarrel or cop out and take the tram down.
Kirkwood We've enjoyed in the past, but with the generally poor snow conditions this year (2003), we were disappointed, particularly since it was advertising the best snow around Tahoe.
Homewood Our favorite resort this trip was Homewood .   It's a small resort so don't go expecting double black runs or high speed lifts, but its views of the lake are spectacular, it's less crowded so the snow isn't skiied off, and the price was an unbelievable $25 Monday - Thursday, less than half what the larger resorts charge.

Alpine Meadows Maybe it was just the poor snow or the slopes crowded with novice skiers and zooming boarders, but was another resort we were disappointed in.  There weren't enough long blue runs to suit us, and their maps were huge (which may sound silly, but they were difficult to fit into pockets and nearly impossible to read on the windy lifts).