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  Memphis Barbeque  
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(Courtesy of David Ragals and

In Memphis, barbeque means smoked pork, served as ribs (dry or wet) and shoulder (chopped or pulled, best on a bun with coleslaw).  To find out more, check out the BBQ Oral History Project.

Memphis is famous for its barbeque.  Try one of the restaurants below and you'll see why.

Bar-B-Q Shop The The Bar-B-Q Shop Ribs, shoulder, and more.  They've been serving the same sauce recipe for 50 years.
Belmont Grill The Belmont Grill - they don't have shoulder, but they do have ribs and a wide variety of other tasty dishes, and they're open late.
Central BBQ At two years old, this relatively new kid on the block promises "slow cooked Memphis style" and serves everything from pork to beef, chicken, and turkey.  2249 Central Avenue, 272-9377
Coletta's Restaurant Coletta's is an Italian restaurant that opened in 1923 and served Memphis its first pizza in the 1950's.  It's famous for its incredible barbeque pizza, hence its inclusion here.
Corky's Corky's is a popular upscale chain with three Memphis locations and franchises in eleven states from Illinois to Florida.
Cozy Corner Cozy Corner A Memphis tradition since 1977, this casual (paper plates and plastic cutlery) restaurant is known for its shoulder, BBQ Cornish game hens, and BBQ baloney. (Photo courtesy of David Ragals and
Germantown Commissary Germantown Commissary Cooking BBQ and ribs "the old time Memphis style BBQ way."
Interstate Barbeque Interstate This 15-year favorite offers Bar-B-Q Salad and smoked turkey in addition to ribs and shoulder.
Leonards Pit Barbeque Leonard's Famous for ribs and pork (shoulder) sandwiches since 1922.
Payne's Barbeque Payne's Located in an old gas station garage on Lamar, they've been serving ribs and shoulder since 1972.  Also known for their smoked sausage sandwich.
Pig-N-Whistle The Pig-N-Whistle is another place you have to try for ribs and shoulder.  They also feature pulled chicken in BBQ sauce.
Reese's Barbeque Reese's is a low key place at 4606 Winchester Road (901) 366-1497 frequented mainly by locals.
Charlie Vergos Rendezvous (Charlie Vergos) Rendezvous, in a downtown Memphis alley since 1948, is world famous for its dried ribs, but the shoulder's good, too.
Three Little Pigs Barbeque Three Little Pigs is on Quince and cooks only shoulders.
Tops Barbeque Tops is a popular Memphis chain specializing in pork sandwiches, and you can find them all over the area, each location with its own deliciously fragrant smokestack.