Budapest - Buda Side - Chain Bridge and Royal Palace Area

Budapest - Buda Side - Old Town and Gellert Hill

Budapest - Pest Side - Parliament

Budapest - Pest Side - Landmarks

Budapest - Pest Side - Architecture

Outside of Budapest

Prague - Old Town Square

Prague - Old Town Landmarks

Prague - Old Town Architecture

Prague - Jewish Quarter

Prague - Charles Bridge

Prague Castle

Prague - St Vitus Cathedral

Prague - St Nicholas Cathedral

Prague - From Vltava River

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Budapest and Prague Tourist Tips

  Budapest and Prague Tourist Tips  
Kempinski Hotel Corvinus, Budapest
Kempinski Hotel Corvinus, Budapest

Don't get caught in the subway scam!

"Scam" may not be quite the right word, but I can guarantee that you'll be plenty mad if you get caught like I did.  In the US, you enter most subway systems via a turnstile - you have to insert your ticket in order to enter.

In Budapest and Prague (and I assume other European cities), you just walk right in, there is no turnstile to pass through.  It is very easy to miss the ticket punch machine off to the side - and unless someone's told you about it, you probably will.  

Then - at least in Prague - when you get off at your stop and exit the station, you may be stopped by an inspector who will fine you about $50 because you didn't get your ticket punched!  I consider this outrageous.  They should either install turnstiles or put up enormous STOP HERE - PUNCH TICKET signs.  Otherwise, naive tourists like me are sitting ducks!

Budapest Hotel and Restaurants

Photo of entrance Hotel Kempinski Corvinus, Budapest Photo of Mokka Restaurant, Budapest Photo of Karpatia Restaurant, Budapest
Photo of For Sale Pub, Budapest Photo of Gerbeaud, Budapest

Prague Hotel and Restaurants

Photo of entrance Intercontinental Hotel, Prague Photo of 7 Angels Restaurant, Prague Photo of Pravda Restaurant, Prague
Les Moules Restaurant, Prague Photo of Mlynec Restaurant, Prague Photo of Amici Miei Restaurant, Prague
Corso Restaurant, Prague