Savannah Fountain

Midnight In The Garden of Good and Evil  Our trip was inspired by the best-selling book Midnight In The Garden Of Good and Evil, but Savannah's a unique and beautiful city, worth a trip even if you haven't read the book.   If you have, or you've seen the movie, visit the SavannahNow Midnight website, for information about the book, movie, and a tour.  You might also want to visit the ClubOne website and check out its Midnight and Lady Chablis links.  (Warning: It appears the Clary's Cafe link is obsolete and may lead to an adult site.)

Mercer House Mercer House Mercer House, home of Jim Williams and where Danny Hansford was killed.
Magnolia Place Inn We stayed at the lovely Magnolia Place Inn and had a delicious dinner at Elizabeth on 37th.
Man feeding pigeons One of Savannah's charms is the people you encounter.
Armstrong House Beautiful Savannah Home Beautiful Savannah Home Armstrong House and other beautiful homes.
Savannah Church Savannah Cemetery Savannah Cemetery Savannah Cemetery Church and cemetery scenes.