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Washington, D.C.

Ten Penh Restaurant  1001 Pennsylvania Ave., Washington, D.C. 20004 (202) 393-4500.

Named cute for its 10th and Pennsylvania location and Asian slant, this popular restaurant offers upscale Southeast Asian fare in a stylish setting.  We went shortly after it opened in 2000 and, as best I can recall, enjoyed our meal.   We returned in February 2003 after a performance at nearby Ford's Theatre.  The verdict on our meal?   Disappointing.

The best parts were the appetizers.  I was pleased with my Thai stuffed chicken wings, and Frank's Filipino pork and shrimp spring rolls were good if somewhat greasy.

The first bad sign was the height of our entrees - both were towering, and we're not fans of tall food.  Frank's halibut and my scallops were both good-OK, but not nearly as intriguing as their complicated menu descriptions made them sound, and Frank pronounced the eggplant that accompanied his fish "goppy".  And once their tall camouflage was removed, neither of our dishes looked particularly appealing either.

Not a bad meal, and the atmosphere was pleasant (except for the bright overhead lights shining in Frank's eyes, the watiter turned them down when he complained), but not worth the well over $100 tab (which included two glasses of wine and one dessert).(Date Visited: 2/20/2003)