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Southwest Airlines

New York City

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The Hall of Shame - the Dishonor Role
Companies We Wish We Hadn't Done Business With!

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Sedona Airport Restaurant  ALL THE FLIES YOU CAN EAT FOR $26.95.

Southwest Airlines  We hate their " no assigned seats policy" and not alerting you in advance is even worse.  (They run online stores for NFL teams.)  For charging us $5.99 shipping for a $15.99 T-shirt, then charging us another $5.99 to ship an exchange when the first one didn't fit. for a) charging $15 to ship a bottle of pills and b) not telling us when we ordered.  The shipping charges ate up the savings that led us to buy Canadian to begin with.

The Daily Racing Form Online  For not refunding our $5 when we couldn't get to the past performances we purchased because their server was down.